Photography grants us the capability
to capture tangible moments in time
we may never experience again.

My name is Sarahbeth I'll be earning a degree in Photojournalism from San Francisco State University in Spring of 2019.

I'm currently a freelance photojournalist contributing to the SF Chronicle and previously interned for the SF Examiner.

I teach seasonal collaborative photography classes for the Contra Costa County and enjoy sharing my passion with others.

For myself, the most rewarding aspect of photography is catching a memory that can be kept forever but never duplicated in the same way.

As a freelance wedding photographer, I naturally incorporate my photojournalistic style and hope to save special moments for my clients in the Bay Area.

My ultimate goal is to share images that can build connection by evoking thought, desire for adventure and understanding of humanity.

Thank you for visiting my site.


Photos by Mark Cabus