Sarahbeth Maney is a freelance photojournalist 
based in the Bay Area, California –​ she goes by Sb, for short.

Maney will be earning a degree in photojournalism

with a minor in education from San Francisco
State University in the Spring of 2019 – where
she is president of the National Press
Photographer's Association student chapter
and NPPA's western region student representative.

She is also directing a short documentary about Ahmet Ustunel, a blind adventurer attempting to kayak from Europe to Asia with the help of prototype technology. The film is currently in the post-production stage.

Maney frequently freelances for the San Francisco Chronicle and has contributed to The New York Times among others. In 2017 she interned for the SF Examiner.

At a young age she naturally gravitated to photography as a way to save moments – always keeping her pink
point-and-shoot close by.

Today, she has retired her point-and-shoot and uses photography as a learning tool to translate complexities of social issues such as gun violence, racial inequality and disability. Maney's goal remains to collaborate with those behind her camera and portray each moment as
honestly as it exists.

Available for assignments:
email: [email protected]
mobile: 925.639.2654

Photo IG:  sbmaneyphoto
Wedding IG: sbmaneywedding

Photos by Mark Cabus